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Understanding the Placement of Dental Implants

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Wide number of services offered by the dentist

The dentist should be able to offer you with a wide number of services. The services should be inclusive of greffe de gencive. The dentist should have the best options suitable to your respective needs. They should provide to your specific kinds of services at highly affordable prices.

How dental implants are placed

Dental implant placements are carried out in several stages. However, single step implant process has been gaining popularity in the recent times. Find below the steps entailed in dental implants placement.

  • Detailed look at medical and dental records

Prior to the dentist looking forward to placing the implant, they should go through your detailed medical and dental record comprehensively. They should conduct an in-depth clinical examination of the oral cavity. It would be imperative to ensure that you would be a suitable prospect for having an implant. The treatment plan would be tailored according to your specific dental needs.

  • Anaesthesia administration

Dental implant is a surgical process. It would administer anaesthesia to the place where implant would be placed. It would help you remain pain-free and comfortable throughout the process. An incision would be made to underline the jawbone.

  • Placing the implant

The dentist would drill a hole in the jawbone. It would be slightly narrow than the thickness of the implant. The implant would be screwed to applying controlled and precise forces.

  • Two step implant process

The two-step implant placement would entail placement of healing abutment. It would also be placed on the overlying soft tissues, which would allow healing on the place where surgery has taken place. After the surgical area begins to heal, the healing abutment would be removed and the prosthetic would be mounted to the implant. On the other hand, in case of instant implant loading is planned, the prosthetic would be placed immediately over the implant.