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Get a Youthful Looking Skin with Regular Application of Topical Vitamin C

There are more than a dozen vitamins that have their own benefits on the human body. This means there are hundreds of benefits if we include all the vitamins together. Nutritious food provides good number of vitamins to our body. However, if we know the benefits of each vitamin then the purpose would be clear, and we would include supplements and ingredients that are required. Each vitamin helps in increasing your immunity if taken orally and has its own benefits if applied topically.

Today, we will be talking about Vitamin C serum that helps in rejuvenating skin. With age, the level of Vitamin C declines in our body. This results to fine lines, wrinkles, and colored spots on our face majorly. Highly concentrated Vitamin C is harmful for skin, as skin too generates vitamin C naturally. Therefore 10% to 20% of concentration in a serum is adequate for any skin.

Let’s get into the benefits of this Vitamin in detail –

  • Fine line and wrinkles are the biggest shock for any woman. Vitamin C is rich anti oxidant that helps in collagen synthesis which further fills up the fine lines.
  • UVA as well as UVB rays are harmful for any skin as they damage free radicals. Vitamin C strengthens your skin and works as an alternative to sunscreen lotion.
  • It balances the skin tone evenly which is good for those who have dark circles below their eyes.
  • It is said that Vitamin C supplements work to cure any illness faster. Comparing it with skin if applied on cuts, acne, blemishes, and scars, can give fast and good results.

  • With even skin tone they also mean that it helps in treating discoloration and redness that occurs with age.
  • With age, when you see sagging skin, wrinkles, then applying Vitamin C help in tightening your skin so that they are reduced. No product can claim to abolish aging skin symptoms, but they can be reduced.
  • Since it’s mixed with other ingredients like Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid therefore, they also work as moisturizing agent that penetrates your skin unlike any cream which stays on your skin as a thick layer.
  • When you wake up early morning with slight puffiness on your face then slight application of this serum can work wonders.
  • It helps you from side effects of sunburn like itching, redness, blemishes and burning symptoms.

Keeping it in a cool dry place helps you retain its potency for long. Concentrated serum is harmful for skin. Hence, it should always be combined with another ingredient.